Our aircraft are fast, quiet, clean, and comfortable. We fly modern
Robinson Raven II helicopters which offer air-conditioned comfort,
smooth operation and unparalleled reliability. The Raven is manufactured
in California by Robinson Helicopter Company to strict quality standards.
It comfortably seats a pilot plus three adult passengers, and passenger views are unobstructed due to the open cabin design. The latest in the
Raven line, the high-performance Raven II is designed for more payload, higher altitudes, and faster speeds with all the luxuries of the original
Raven. Another major enhancement is the reduced noise level of the
Raven II. The quieter helicopter features redesigned main and tail rotor blades. Both sets of rotors are fitted with noise attenuating blade tip caps that decrease flyover noise. The result is a noise signature significantly
lower than that of jet helicopters, something clients particularly appreciate when operating on a residential lawn.
Helicopter flights are operated by FWF, Standard Aviation’s exclusive FAA-certified Part 135 helicopter operator.